Welcome to Flower & Wild!

I’m Lena, the pen behind the name. I’m an illustrator, maker, and all around creative oddball. More on me below.

What is Flower & Wild you ask? Great question.

My mission is to emphasize the magic and beauty inherent in everyday life.

I do that in the only way I currently know how - with adorably gritty ink illustrations, wall art, paper goods, and other products obsessively designed for lovers of nature, whimsy, and weirdness.

You’ll find undertones of simplicity, sustainability, equality, and conservation in all of my projects. I love drawing strong, smart, and powerful girls. I equally enjoy bringing life to some of the grumpiest creatures and most magical places this side of Hogwarts.

I work with authors on book and cover illustrations, plus offer custom commissioned illustrations and logo design to passionate solopreneurs and select others. 

Here you’ll find art in the form of words and hand drawn ink illustrations. You can buy some of it on things, or hire me to illustrate your next children’s book (please!), draw your next tattoo (pretty please?!), or any manner of other illustration related things, including logos.

You can give me your email address, which I will then gently place inside a small wooden box that I only open on Fridays in order to send you an email full of beautiful and/or hilarious things; plus coupons and free art as time permits.

You can also just scroll quietly, look around, and hopefully smile. That’s perfectly okay too. (Although you really should sign up for some Happy Mail if you’re enjoying it that much… just sayin’).

Whatever you choose, I’m thankful you’re here!


And now for story time with Lena…

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in the floor of the room my parents called the ‘sitting’ room. (I’m pretty sure it was just a den, if we’re being real.)

I’m on the carpeted floor, legs folded neatly underneath me, drawing a castle on a piece of pink construction paper.

The makeshift table is just the right height for my 6 year old self, built from an unused terra cotta fireplace flu and a thick piece of scrap countertop; falloff from one of my Dad’s construction projects.

The sun is streaming in the wood trimmed windows above me, warming the fuzzy crayon streaked paper and giving the whole memory a calm, ethereal vibe.

Why do I remember this one specific flash in time, you ask? It couldn’t be more than a five second glimpse, and I know it’s not particularly eventful.

My answer is who the hell knows. Why do we remember anything? What even is memory? Are we all really just a long game of Sims?


What I do know though is I’ve been chasing that feeling my whole life. The feeling of creating from nothing a thing of pure fantasy, with the ability to take your mind places it previously hadn’t thought to go. The reward of crafting something of your own hands and ingenuity.

That quest has come out in different ways for me. I’ve built houses, computers, and software. I’ve crafted and sewn. I’ve practiced using words to paint pictures and pens to draw words. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, crafting logos and websites (and still do!).

Galaxy Cabin illustration by Flower & Wild

And I’ve always come back to art, crafting, making. I especially love pen and ink illustration. But I’d always eventually fall away again - looking for something more practical and less enjoyable, I assume.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I started taking illustration as seriously as my 6 year old self prefers. A 100 day illustration challenge bled into #inktober, then a promise to practice my craft on a weekly basis, at least.

Getting back to art cracked me open and reminded me of my automatic response for years when asked the dreaded “What do you do” question:

I make pretty shit.

That’s it. My simple life mission. My own version of de Wolfe’s quote “I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.” One of my favorites by the way.

If you asked me to expand, I would add a few words…

I make pretty shit that serves the world and makes it just a little bit better place for us to live.

I support women and empower girls through my work. I draw heavily on the beauty in nature, the humanity of animals, and the simple pleasures of conservation. I want my illustrations to make you feel inspired, empowered, and seen.

And sometimes I just want to make you f’ing laugh.

That’s what Flower & Wild is all about. Art as love and service. Art as a way to share how I see the world, as well as my first love, with you.

I hope you find something you love here!